BHHP and High School Summit – Lots of Evangelism

Every fall we host a short term mission trip called BHHP. This year we have 16 Americans helping us with English classrooms, dorm outreaches, and passing out student survival kits. Pictured left is Gary and Nancy from Atlanta. I worked with them last week and showed them how we do random evangelism on campus. Within 15 minutes they were off on their own meeting students and sharing Jesus with them. Pray that this week will bring major momentum to our movement. Pray that these thousands of students that are introduced to our ministry will be interested in a relationship with their Creator. Maybe we will see you next fall at BHHP. Email us if you want to come.

Gary asking if this student wants to have a relationship with Jesus

I watched Gary and Nancy side-by-side sharing the Gospel with students on my campus in Budapest.

Sometimes they worked together too

Our campus outreach was packed thanks to all the classrooms our BHHP team visited this week.

Also this week was a HIgh School Summit where Our team hosted 6 other Eastern European Cru teams to discuss using High School ministry alongside a campus ministry. Each day we got on a bus and went to Vac (Hungarian City with 7 high schools we have connections with) and went to english classrooms. We invited every student to free pizza and great conversation after school. This is where we could share the full Gospel. 120 students came out in these 2 days and 70 of them heard the Gospel from us missionaries over some pizza. It was so cool to see every table with diagrams and 4 laws booklets and questions being asked about Jesus. See Pics below:

The principal of one High School let us use her office between classes and gave us cookies and coffee. These schools are so in need of healthy men and women to pour truth into these students.

Here is the team that I lead at my high schools these two days. Albanian and another American.

These Students were the ones that God gave me over lunch. These 5 freshman in high school heard the truth of Jesus and you can even see the diagram i drew on the table. Pray for these students. They were not ready to give their lives to Jesus YET. But they moved from confusion to truth on this day.

Another eternal conversation from my friend Dan.

Conversations all over the restaurant.

The beautiful square in Vac where the restaurant is.

Here is the Pizza Place.

Pray for Hungarian Students.

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