Planting a New Church in Overland Park, KS

Version 2

Friends and Family,

Rivers and I want to give you an update on what God has been doing in our hearts these past 6 months. When we returned to America two years ago we returned with a burden for new churches to reach the lost. We also longed to plant deep roots in a community. We still desire those things deeply, but God is moving us again. On average everyday in America 10 churches close their doors and only 3 churches are started. Our time at liberti church has taught us so many things. As we have learned more about who we are and our gifts, we are feeling confident in God’s call on our lives to go and plant a new church. These last months have been hard as we have sought direction on how this might unfold. We have been asking a lot of questions: where, with who, what kind of church, what are the needs and many others. In light of these things and a desire for training, we began a Church Planter Apprentice application process with the North American Mission Board to plant in Overland Park area of Kansas City. There is an excitement and a passion to start this new work in a city we have called home and are pumped that we will live in the same city as many of you.

Rivers and I just returned from our vision trip in KC and from my graduation from Midwestern Baptist Seminary. Our prayer times and conversation with leaders in the city have continued to affirm our call there. Our hope is to move in July to help get the kids settled for their new school. We will be working for liberti through June 30th.

Would you please pray for:
– Our kids and marriage as we take these next steps in God’s calling on our lives.
– Our home to sell in the next few weeks here in PA.
– Our financial needs to be meet. We will need to remain on support for another 2-3 years.

Thank you to so many of you who have prayed for and supported our family and our ministry these past years as we have sought God’s will.

We will continue to raise support through the same organization and account. If you are currently giving would you please consider continuing? Nothing will need to change in the way you give.

Our Support Page:

Version 2

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