Home is Under Contract and Officially a NAMB Church Planter

Screen Shot 2015-05-26 at 11.17.59 PM

Two big things happened this weekend. First, I have completed the process with the North American Mission Board and have been accepted as a lead church planter. I will do an apprenticeship starting in the fall of 2015 at Westside Family Church, in KC.  Second, our home is now under contract!  Thank you for praying for us through all these changes.  We have felt a peace as we are trying to rest in God’s plan and His timing.  We are thankful, as each step has been put before us, God has given us the faith to trust in His power.

Our closing date on our PA home is scheduled for July 9.  We will be spending that first week of July packing and preparing to move to KC.  We would be so thankful for your continued prayers. Here are a few ways you can pray:

  1. Finishing our last month well at Liberti. Our hope is to offer our best as we meet with people and pass things on to others.
  2. Our future KC home.  Our hope is that it will be a place of Christ’s love and mission.
  3. Our next season of fundraising for planting a new church.  We will need the support of churches and families these next 2 years. Our hope is that, as we raise financial resources, this work would be an encouragement to many.

This is a hard and exciting season for us as we experience a lot of emotions simultaneously.  We have many friends and neighbors here that have become family to us, and it is always hard to say goodbye.  We are also excited about more churches being planted, and that God has considered us faithful to appoint us to this service.  Thank you for your friendship and prayers.

Dave and Rivers

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