Fall Update ’15 – Starting a Church and Building Relationships

We are starting to feel settled in our home.  As most of you know we have moved from working with a church plant in Pennsylvania to planting a new church in North Overland Park, KS.  The last 4 months have been a roller coaster of goodbyes and hellos, new neighborhood, new school, new job, and some wonderful new friends.

The three major things we are working on all have to do with building relationships.  

1) We are building relationships in our neighborhood.  We have introduced ourselves to the 14 families on our cul-de-sac, and we are excited to have them over.  We have also joined the PTA at our kids’ school, and we love that it is right here in the neighborhood.  One of the other things I (Dave) am enjoying is spending time meeting the local business leaders in downtown OP and hearing their vision for our city.  Another way we want to serve our neighborhood and city is through foster care.  We are half way done with the 10 week course to be licensed in order to be foster parents to provide police protective custody for children and respite care for others foster families. We are thankful to be given so many opportunities to be the hands and feet of Jesus to our neighbors. 

2) We are building relationships with pastors and ministry leaders.  We have had the opportunity to sit with experienced ministry leaders, men and women , who desire others to experience the love of Jesus.  .  We feel so blessed with the alignment of the leaders in this apprenticeship with NAMB as we see them pour out their lives to help others see the joy of living out the Great Commission.  We feel hopeful that in this next year through prayer and with the help of these great leaders, we will be designing a missional church that introduces and equips people to love God and their neighbors.

3) We are building relationships with new support partners and churches.  There is joy in sharing what God has done, and is doing.  Our world needs more healthy churches and in our experience church planting conversations often bring life-giving hope.  We are currently in need of $1500 more monthly and are in a season of contacting individuals and churches to see if they would consider partnering with us in church planting.  Would you consider connecting me to your church or someone who might be interested in what we are doing? We are praying for launch team members and church partnerships that will help start a new work in this part of the city.

Rivers, Joy, Lydia, Melody, and Jackson are all doing good as we are all finding our new rhythms this fall. Here are some pictures of the last couple months of our lives.

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Home is Under Contract and Officially a NAMB Church Planter

Screen Shot 2015-05-26 at 11.17.59 PM

Two big things happened this weekend. First, I have completed the process with the North American Mission Board and have been accepted as a lead church planter. I will do an apprenticeship starting in the fall of 2015 at Westside Family Church, in KC.  Second, our home is now under contract!  Thank you for praying for us through all these changes.  We have felt a peace as we are trying to rest in God’s plan and His timing.  We are thankful, as each step has been put before us, God has given us the faith to trust in His power.

Our closing date on our PA home is scheduled for July 9.  We will be spending that first week of July packing and preparing to move to KC.  We would be so thankful for your continued prayers. Here are a few ways you can pray:

  1. Finishing our last month well at Liberti. Our hope is to offer our best as we meet with people and pass things on to others.
  2. Our future KC home.  Our hope is that it will be a place of Christ’s love and mission.
  3. Our next season of fundraising for planting a new church.  We will need the support of churches and families these next 2 years. Our hope is that, as we raise financial resources, this work would be an encouragement to many.

This is a hard and exciting season for us as we experience a lot of emotions simultaneously.  We have many friends and neighbors here that have become family to us, and it is always hard to say goodbye.  We are also excited about more churches being planted, and that God has considered us faithful to appoint us to this service.  Thank you for your friendship and prayers.

Dave and Rivers

BHHP and High School Summit – Lots of Evangelism

Every fall we host a short term mission trip called BHHP. This year we have 16 Americans helping us with English classrooms, dorm outreaches, and passing out student survival kits. Pictured left is Gary and Nancy from Atlanta. I worked with them last week and showed them how we do random evangelism on campus. Within 15 minutes they were off on their own meeting students and sharing Jesus with them. Pray that this week will bring major momentum to our movement. Pray that these thousands of students that are introduced to our ministry will be interested in a relationship with their Creator. Maybe we will see you next fall at BHHP. Email us if you want to come.

Gary asking if this student wants to have a relationship with Jesus

I watched Gary and Nancy side-by-side sharing the Gospel with students on my campus in Budapest.

Sometimes they worked together too

Our campus outreach was packed thanks to all the classrooms our BHHP team visited this week.

Also this week was a HIgh School Summit where Our team hosted 6 other Eastern European Cru teams to discuss using High School ministry alongside a campus ministry. Each day we got on a bus and went to Vac (Hungarian City with 7 high schools we have connections with) and went to english classrooms. We invited every student to free pizza and great conversation after school. This is where we could share the full Gospel. 120 students came out in these 2 days and 70 of them heard the Gospel from us missionaries over some pizza. It was so cool to see every table with diagrams and 4 laws booklets and questions being asked about Jesus. See Pics below:

The principal of one High School let us use her office between classes and gave us cookies and coffee. These schools are so in need of healthy men and women to pour truth into these students.

Here is the team that I lead at my high schools these two days. Albanian and another American.

These Students were the ones that God gave me over lunch. These 5 freshman in high school heard the truth of Jesus and you can even see the diagram i drew on the table. Pray for these students. They were not ready to give their lives to Jesus YET. But they moved from confusion to truth on this day.

Another eternal conversation from my friend Dan.

Conversations all over the restaurant.

The beautiful square in Vac where the restaurant is.

Here is the Pizza Place.

Pray for Hungarian Students.

Student Survival Kits Fall 2012 at Freshman Camps

Every fall we try to pass out 10,000 Student Survival Kits to Freshman in Hungary. This is a freshman camp that Csaba, Ester, and I visited to meet students and introduce them to our ministry. Almost 200 students received the Gospel that day and many indicated that they would like to talk to someone about God. Pray for these freshman. The students fill out a survey and get a sweet notebook. We receive numbers and emails of spiritually interested students.

God Changed Lives at SpeakOut 2012

SpeakOut 2012 was amazing! This year we had 119 people indicate to us that they started a relationship with Jesus. We know that it is only God who can make things grow and provide new hearts for people, but we rejoice that God has used us to build His Kingdom for His glory this summer in Hungary. Combined we had almost 150 staff, students and families who were sharing their faith daily to reach this country for Christ. (see pic below)

SpeakOut is 3 projects in one:
1. English Camp ran by 47 Americans reaching 337 Hungarian student campers = 58 New Believers
2. Hungarian Christian Student Project where 95 Hungarians approaching 1,950 random people on beaches = 24 New Believers
3. Mission Trips to Slovakia, Albania, Romania where Hungarians go to reach countries around them = 37 New Believers

Another great outcome of this project is that 142 people have been trained in evangelism, and many have a desire to share their faith with everyone they know.

I want to explain to you a little more about the English Camp side of the SpeakOut project.
Every morning we have a “Morning Class” with the campers. A few of us give talks and play some games. This year’s theme was on “Relationships” and my topic was on “Parents.” We ended the week talking about a relationship with God.

Also this year we were the American Tutor Trainers. Rivers and I spent our time teaching the Americans how to be productive English Tutors and how to conversationally share Christ with their Hungarian campers. Here is a picture below of our amazing 2012 tutor team. The last week we spent helping them plan their personal ministries for when they return home. Pray for all these new evangelists. Check out yourpersonalministry.wordpress.com

The last week we enjoyed some “English” Worship together.

The last party night includes a “pie in the face” activity that the whole family enjoyed.

Jackson was a great way to start conversations with students this summer.

We love reaching Hungarian students for the Glory of God and the six of us want to say THANK YOU for partnering with us.