Planting a New Church in Overland Park, KS

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Friends and Family,

Rivers and I want to give you an update on what God has been doing in our hearts these past 6 months. When we returned to America two years ago we returned with a burden for new churches to reach the lost. We also longed to plant deep roots in a community. We still desire those things deeply, but God is moving us again. On average everyday in America 10 churches close their doors and only 3 churches are started. Our time at liberti church has taught us so many things. As we have learned more about who we are and our gifts, we are feeling confident in God’s call on our lives to go and plant a new church. These last months have been hard as we have sought direction on how this might unfold. We have been asking a lot of questions: where, with who, what kind of church, what are the needs and many others. In light of these things and a desire for training, we began a Church Planter Apprentice application process with the North American Mission Board to plant in Overland Park area of Kansas City. There is an excitement and a passion to start this new work in a city we have called home and are pumped that we will live in the same city as many of you.

Rivers and I just returned from our vision trip in KC and from my graduation from Midwestern Baptist Seminary. Our prayer times and conversation with leaders in the city have continued to affirm our call there. Our hope is to move in July to help get the kids settled for their new school. We will be working for liberti through June 30th.

Would you please pray for:
– Our kids and marriage as we take these next steps in God’s calling on our lives.
– Our home to sell in the next few weeks here in PA.
– Our financial needs to be meet. We will need to remain on support for another 2-3 years.

Thank you to so many of you who have prayed for and supported our family and our ministry these past years as we have sought God’s will.

We will continue to raise support through the same organization and account. If you are currently giving would you please consider continuing? Nothing will need to change in the way you give.

Our Support Page:

Version 2

Moving Back to America to Help Plant More Churches

moving 2013

To our most amazing friends and family,

This update is to tell you that facebook group name is going to change soon and why. We are feeling called to local church ministry in America and will be transitioning back in April 2013 to do church planting.

The hard part about this new calling is that ministry is going so good here. Our movement is growing. Students are leading, sharing their faith and new students are getting saved. Also some of our best friends “in the world” live and work here. But we feel that God is wanting us to be more broad in our ministry focus, and I am feeling called to be a pastor.

Of course as we move into local church ministry we will always value and love the strategy of working with students. We have been praying for and processing this new calling for a couple months and want to share with you some important details in 4 areas: Our Calling, An Opportunity, Our Financial Need, Our Timetable.

Our Calling:
We feel called:
* to join a new or young church plant
* to a “less-churched” part of America
* to personally share the gospel often in our everyday lives more than ever before
* to create transferrable methods that will model and train believers in evangelism and discipleship
* to minister to a more broad age group and families
* to design, lead and develop strong community groups with the intention of multiplication
* to lead worship and train new worship leaders

An Opportunity:
God revealed to us an amazing opportunity as we began to talk to others and seek council about this major decision. I talked with my good friend Matt Looloian who planted Liberti Church in Harrisburg, PA in September 2011. I told him about our calling and the type of ministry we were looking for. Over the next few weeks we began to see that the needs at Liberti and our calling were very similar. So we are currently pursuing a pastor job at Liberti Church to work with Matt to help reach the people in the Harrisburg region for the glory of God.

Our Financial Need:
1) We need to raise $15,000 in one-time gifts for transition costs: container shipping, plane tickets, debrief conference: to help us and our kids transition back to living in America
2) Because we are called to and pursuing church planting, we are putting together a 2-year plan to remain financially supported by people like you. At the end of those 2 transitional years, our goal is to be completely funded by the local church itself.
3) We will be EPC World Outreach Missionaries through the summer 2013 as we finish projects and pass on ministry here.

Would you consider giving us a Year-End Gift to help us transition into church planting ministry? We are raising transition funds through Perception Funding. Link to our giving page below: Click “Donate Now” on the page below.

Our Timetable:
We are coming home December 13 – February 13 to share with many of you personally about what God is doing in Hungary and in our lives. We will basically be in Memphis in December and February and in Kansas City in January. We would love to share a meal with you or even visit you at your small group. We plan on moving back to America in mid-April and begin the re-entrance season. We will be looking for a house, cars, schools etc…

If you have never supported us before, would you consider helping us during this transition? Please reply back and let me know if you would be interested in helping us. This information will help us be wise in our fundraising planning. We will be making phone calls and personal appointments for the next few months and are looking forward to talking to you about these changes. Please email or call us. Our USA phone number in Hungary: 913-543-3040. We would love to talk!

We ask that you do not post anything on the internet about this decision because Matt and I are still communicating personally with people. God bless you and your family this holiday season.

enjoying God,
Dave, Rivers, Joy, Lydia, Melody, and Jackson
USA phone number in Hungary 913-543-3040 – 7 hrs ahead of central time
Giving –