Student Survival Kits Fall 2012 at Freshman Camps

Every fall we try to pass out 10,000 Student Survival Kits to Freshman in Hungary. This is a freshman camp that Csaba, Ester, and I visited to meet students and introduce them to our ministry. Almost 200 students received the Gospel that day and many indicated that they would like to talk to someone about God. Pray for these freshman. The students fill out a survey and get a sweet notebook. We receive numbers and emails of spiritually interested students.

God Changed Lives at SpeakOut 2012

SpeakOut 2012 was amazing! This year we had 119 people indicate to us that they started a relationship with Jesus. We know that it is only God who can make things grow and provide new hearts for people, but we rejoice that God has used us to build His Kingdom for His glory this summer in Hungary. Combined we had almost 150 staff, students and families who were sharing their faith daily to reach this country for Christ. (see pic below)

SpeakOut is 3 projects in one:
1. English Camp ran by 47 Americans reaching 337 Hungarian student campers = 58 New Believers
2. Hungarian Christian Student Project where 95 Hungarians approaching 1,950 random people on beaches = 24 New Believers
3. Mission Trips to Slovakia, Albania, Romania where Hungarians go to reach countries around them = 37 New Believers

Another great outcome of this project is that 142 people have been trained in evangelism, and many have a desire to share their faith with everyone they know.

I want to explain to you a little more about the English Camp side of the SpeakOut project.
Every morning we have a “Morning Class” with the campers. A few of us give talks and play some games. This year’s theme was on “Relationships” and my topic was on “Parents.” We ended the week talking about a relationship with God.

Also this year we were the American Tutor Trainers. Rivers and I spent our time teaching the Americans how to be productive English Tutors and how to conversationally share Christ with their Hungarian campers. Here is a picture below of our amazing 2012 tutor team. The last week we spent helping them plan their personal ministries for when they return home. Pray for all these new evangelists. Check out

The last week we enjoyed some “English” Worship together.

The last party night includes a “pie in the face” activity that the whole family enjoyed.

Jackson was a great way to start conversations with students this summer.

We love reaching Hungarian students for the Glory of God and the six of us want to say THANK YOU for partnering with us.

SpeakOut 2012 at the Half Way Point

SpeakOut is going great. We are in the middle of the second camper week and our tutors are doing great sharing their faith with Hungarian Campers. Week One we saw 23 campers give their lives to Christ! Here are a few pics of our family and students we are working with.
During orientation week we train everyone how to share their faith. This is the day we worked on the diagram.
Rivers gave one of the main talks to the girls (staff and Christian students 80+) on what to surrender this month for the glory of God.
Here is the “campsite” our hang out area by the dorm where we live.
This is Abby. Her and her family moved here last month to work full time with us.
Jeremy and me on Cowboy night.
we teach them a cowboy dance to cotton eyed joe
rocks are always fun
a normal meal time with babysitter Flora
a rare photo of the Partin 6 together
the girls love speakout. they make it home
God bless the USA. See the flag?
our girls
This is me a and Caleb (center). He is one of the guys in my discipleship group this summer that is being faithful in sharing his faith. Pray that when he returns home to Memphis he will continue to share often, boldly with love the Good News of Jesus.Thank you for supporting us on the mission field. Pray that many more hungarians will come to Christ this summer and live life to the full!

Spring Ministry Pics (Summit, English Clubs, Fall Retreat, Music)

Rivers shares her life with our neighbor Ildi who is a single mom.
I taught about true forgiveness at an English Club
I love to use live music and used a song 7 x 70 by Christ August
The Summit was 300 Student Leaders from E. Europe and Russia. Amazing 4 days. First time ever for these students to be challenged together and for many it was the first time they left their country. Mark, the guy I disciple, was asked to be the worship leader for the event and he did a fantastic job.
I designed the decorations for the room.
You can see all the translation booths in the back.
We had many breakout sessions for us to answer “What do we do with this ‘Student Led’ vision”
I was involved in a skit and played some in the worship band as well.
We had a great Christian Band come in from California called Skouts Honor. It was a fantastic outreach.
Each day at Evangelism Blitz week we started with an hour of prayer.
I took different volunteers out each day teaching them how we share the Gospel on campus.
“So…What do you think about Jesus?”
More evangelism….
Mark and I also did some sharing this week like we do every week.
Mark is so natural with guys when he talks about his relationship with his God.
One of our students lead a training day to new students about how to hook up the sound system. Student Led and now I can spend more time with students and less time with cables and sound mixers.
I am now in Mark’s worship band. Here we are practicing for our Fall Retreat.
Our whole family attends the fall retreat.
Hungarian Fall Retreat.
I brought some boardgames to the Fall Retreat for some evening battles with the guys. I love that they can beat me in these english boardgames.
Sining some Greenday and Switchfoot for our weekly meeting. You can see a video at:
I gave the talk at the High School Ministry on April 20 at 7pm and drove Rivers to hospital at 9pm to meet Jackson.

Spring 2012 Partin Family Pics

The big girls make a pretend campfire. I hope pretend….
Dad gets home from work
Play gym
Joy teaching the girls to cook
Little sister slavery
soccer or pirates?…I don’t care. These are cool girls.
Partins and our neighbors the Nolterikes
The Playdough Master
Just enough swings
Now we are cooking with sand.
first potato peeling
Easter is Here. All looking good. Hurry take a picture…
Easter Lunch with Friends.
Looking for the eggs.
Dad made some cool spaghetti…
Joy had this idea all by herself. She is a robot and has buttons and everything.
Sisters are best friends.
Boxes are the best toys
Lovin’ the books
These 2 are such good friends.

Winter Ministry Glimps

We are loving ministering to and with university students. Below are some pics to give you an idea about what we have been up to. The past 2 weeks have been pretty full:

Wednesday – lead Cover music at our weekly meeting
Sunday – We share and promote SpeakOut at church
Tuesday – lead Bible on prayer
Wednesday – speak on “relationships with parents” at our university weekly meeting
Thursday – Lead our staff in discussion on the purpose of our weekly meeting and introduce a framework that I have been working on for 2 months on how to best train others within our ministry
Friday – speak on “frontline” prayer at our Prayer night
Tonight (Monday) – key speaker for an English Club outreach. Pray today (1pm your time). I will speak on the Freedom of True Forgiveness. Pray that students will understand the Gospel and find true joy and forgiveness and peace in Jesus.

Rivers and I had the ministry’s Worship and Cover band over for dinner to talk about strategy for the semester… And had an amazing meal. Rivers you are so great.

Mark and Robi inviting students to appointments to talk more about the Gospel. We have thousands of names and phone numbers from our Freshman Student Survival Kit Surveys. 6 out of 10 students desired to meet with a Christian to find out more about Jesus.

Lila Nap – Girl Guy Day – Students learning about how God made them men and women and his view of relationships.

Rivers and I hosted 20 students for dinner that night. I think our family was more blessed than they were.

Rivers did everything right. One guy said it was like he was living in a dream since he came through the front door.

Our all night Prayer night. This is Mark leading

Mark and I each week walk around the university and share the Gospel to students.

Keep praying for Hungarian Students to know Jesus.